How IdeaRocket is using Tom's Planner

Wednesday, 03 June, 2015

Tom's Planner is being used by a really wide variety of companies and organizations. Several fortune 500 companies, governements, a lot of universities and some really big global NGO's are among our users. But we also have a lot of smaller companies using our software to create their Gantt charts.

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Techcrunch and The Next Web Cover Acquisition

Wednesday, 10 July, 2013

We got some nice press coverage by both The Next Web and Techcrunch today!

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More than 10.000 Logos Online

Monday, 06 May, 2013

Since last week Tom's Planner has more than 10k uploaded logos online. By adding your company logo to a project plan you can personalize your schedule. Ideal to use when publishing schedules in reports or distributing them to clients.

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Tom's Planner vs MS Project

Sunday, 04 March, 2012

We stumbled upon this video last week by accident. It's about a conversation Chris Koelsch overheard his project managers having on the merits of Tom's Planner versus MS Project.

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Tom's Planner Keeps on Growing!

Tuesday, 26 July, 2011

See this picture? This is the Aloha stadium in Hawaii, when sold out it holds 50.000 people. That is the same amount of people that have registered for a Tom's Planner account uptill now! This week we received our 50.000th user, happy planning everyone!

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Lifehacker: Planning Your Christmas Dinner with Tom's Planner

Monday, 20 December, 2010

In the spirit of the Holidays, Lifehacker blogged about Tom's Planner's Christmas Dinner Gantt Chart.

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Tekzilla - Website Pick: Tom's Planner

Friday, 06 August, 2010

In this weeks episode of Tekzilla, Tom's Planner is featured as the website 'we just can't get enough of'!

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Five Best Personal Project Management Tools

Sunday, 01 August, 2010

We are very happy to announce that Tom's Planner has been voted as one of the Five Best Personal Project Management Tools by the readers of Lifehacker. Many thanks to everyone who has voted for us!

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Tom's Planner alongside Google Docs

Tuesday, 20 July, 2010

In the article published by Usability Resources Inc. Tom's Planner is mentioned as an indispensable tool for virtual teams alongside Google Docs, WebEx, Doodle and Basecamp.

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5 Must-Have Apps for New Businesses

Wednesday, 09 June, 2010

The Next Web named Tom's Planner as the first must-have app for new businesses, along with apps like Skype and Gmail!

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