No problem. Your Gantt charts are safe with us.

Thursday, 10 April, 2014

In the past two days you might have read about the 'heartbleed' bug in the news and how it is, among others, exposing email addresses and passwords to hackers. We just wanted to let you know that Tom's Planner has not been affected by this issue and there is no need to change your Tom's Planner password.

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Import Basecamp projects, Trello boards and or Google Calendars

Wednesday, 12 March, 2014

As of today you will be able to import Basecamp projects, Trello boards and or Google Calendars into Tom's Planner and turn them online into Gantt charts. This allows you to get a head start when you already defined parts of your project in one of these platforms.

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New Feature: Gantt chart title

Wednesday, 05 February, 2014

We have added the title of your Gantt chart to the interface of the tool. From now on the title is displayed in the top left corner. Very useful for example if you are working online on more than one project, you can instantly see which Gantt chart is which.

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New Feature: Email addresses are clickable

Monday, 03 February, 2014

We already made it possible for you to add clickable web links in the column area, in the comments attached to periods and in the text boxes in the legend. Now you can also add clickable email addresses. This enables you to add contact information and access it directly from the tool.

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New Feature: scroll horizontally through the grid

Thursday, 30 January, 2014

From now on you can use your mouse to scroll through the grid from left to right and vice versa. You can use the mouse wheel to scroll horizontally or, if you don't have a left/right scroll function, hold down the space bar and drag your mouse to the left or right to navigate horizontally through the grid. This feature will help you move faster through your time line.

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New Feature: New Import Options

Tuesday, 19 November, 2013

If you are importing data into Tom's Planner from Excel or other spreadsheets, you can now also assign colors, symbols and texts in periods. Every color and symbol has a code so you can choose the colors and symbols you prefer.

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New Feature: Sorting Columns

Monday, 18 November, 2013

We got a lot of requests for this sorting feature so we've added it to the tool. Now you can sort by column content and sort by date. Just select a column and click at the top of the column on the little up/down arrows to select one or the other.

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New look & feel

Thursday, 26 September, 2013

We updated the look & feel of the tool. The original design we used for the tool dated back to 2007. That might seem like only six years but in 'Internet Time' that's like six decades ago. Although the original design served us really well we felt it was time for an update.

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Techcrunch and The Next Web Cover Acquisition

Wednesday, 10 July, 2013

We got some nice press coverage by both The Next Web and Techcrunch today!

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Tom’s Planner acquires Gantto Inc.

Tuesday, 09 July, 2013

We are happy to announce that Tom’s Planner has acquired Gantto Inc.

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