Alive and kicking!

Ahum... this is kinda embarrassing. Recently we got inquiries if Tom's Planner is still in active development. Yes, it is! Behind the scenes, we are working hard, and for that reason, we have neglected to maintain our social media profiles :-). We have been working on lots of small issues instead of one significant feature, and we simply didn't get around to talking to our users.

When you work on a product like Tom's Planner, the work never ends. Even after almost ten years. There are still so many good ideas to enhance the product and even more marketing opportunities that we would like to take advantage of. So our To Do list never gets shorter; it only gets longer. And that's fine. We like working on Tom's Planner a lot. 

Since Tom's Planner is growing really well, last summer, we decided to set all the big ideas and opportunities aside for a while and focus on the little things. Because all of them together can have a significant impact on the quality and ease of use of the tool.

So that's what we have been doing for the last eight months. We plowed through (and are still working on) a long long list of issues found by bug tracking services on the back and front end, we worked through a list of UI issues that we collected from the support requests that we get, we improved the speed of working with locally stored charts quite a bit, you can now upload any logo file size you like, we increased security, we have upgraded the servers, etc.. etc... etc....

It turned out to be a lot of work and, as is usual in IT, it took a lot longer than we had anticipated. However, we are getting there and can't wait to work on bigger things again. It will probably take another five weeks to finish, but we are already taking on the big task of redesigning the website itself. We want to make the marketing message simpler and cleaner. Just like our product!

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