Create a professional Gantt chart in minutes using Tom’s Planner by Adrian Neumeyer.

Yesterday Adrian Neumeyer from did a great write-up on Tom's Planner and gives his take on the tool. It's safe to say he likes Tom's Planner a lot, so there is not much we can add, other than that it is true what he says about us working on redesigning the tool itself. Note: all functionalities will stay the same, but we are working on an update of the look and feel. We want to make it more fresh and modern again.

This is where you can find Adrian's article: While you are there, take a look at the rest of his blog. It's good. He has hands-on advice and is down to earth, just like Tom's Planner. 

This article, in particular, gave us food for thought: We are looking at how we could implement this in Tom's Planner itself.

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