Tips - Filtering your Gantt Chart

Today we wanted to look further into our filtering feature and how can you use it in your online planning to get a better overview of your Gantt chart.

Filtering your chart only takes a few clicks and there are multiple ways you can enhance your chart with its usage. We will go through some of the different ways to filter your chart to get the most out of it.

If your charts periods are color-coded by the state of completion you can combine filters to make ToDo lists or see what work is behind schedule, an example:

You want to see all work that has been completed in the last week. You can press the color you have chosen for completed work/tasks along with "last 7 days" to see all completed tasks in the last 7 days. Or alternatively, you can use your color to see incomplete tasks in the "next 7 days" to get a quick ToDo list of what needs to be completed. Using the same method you can get an overview for the next 30 days or last 30 days.

If you have multiple team members working on a project, they can simply filter by their names to get a quick overview of what work they have done and what they still have left to do.

The filtering feature can also be used simply as a search function. If you name your periods you can use it to search for a specific period directly or just a particular column if you are working with a large schedule.

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