Improved search & filtering

In Tom's Planner, you can apply filters to your Gantt charts allowing you to, for instance, only see activities in a specific time period, with a particular color or with a specific name. This is super useful if you, for instance, want to check which tasks are assigned to Pete or if you want to see all tasks that are scheduled for today.

Up until now, the options to search or filter for a text or specific words were a bit limited. Tom's planner would only look for the exact text that you entered in the text box of the filter panel.

This has been significantly improved. As of today, the tool will look for the individual words you entered in the filter box instead of the entire text as a whole. And you can now also tell Tom's Planner if you only want to see the tasks that have all of the words or if you want to see all the tasks that have at least one of the words you entered in the text box.

Want more tips and tricks on filtering check out one of our older blog posts on this subject:

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