New Support Feature: Live Chat

We are introducing a Live Chat feature to Tom’s Planner, which will allow you to communicate directly with us for support. If you run into a problem on your Gantt chart or just have a question, you can now get in touch with us in just one click.

button will appear in the bottom right of each page on the website.
When you click on the button it will open a chat window so you can
chat directly to us.

chat button will only appear if one of our support staff is online
and available to assist you. If no one is able to assist you the chat
button will not show up.

chat will also show in the bottom right inside of the Tom’s Planner
tool. But after you have logged in five times it will no longer
appear. We figure that after you have used the tool five or more times you
have found your way around. If you do need any assistance after the
button has disappeared, you can go to our homepage and click on the
chat button in the bottom right corner. We will be happy to assist

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