New Features: Get More Out Of Your Time Line

The last few months we have been fine-tuning the time line settings and have made some changes.

The most important aspect of a good project planning tool is the flexibility of the time line. We get a lot of requests which center around personalizing the grid in Tom's Planner. Although we would like to grand all these wishes, we need to keep thinking of our user base as a whole. We can't add American vacation days when these are different from Europe or The Middle East. The same goes for weekend days, a lot of users want these grey scaled, but these are not all the same around the world. People of the Jewish faith have their weekend days on Friday and Saturday, the same goes for most countries in the Middle East. In India, most private enterprises have a 5 1/2-day work week instead of a 5-day work week.

You can understand that at Tom's Planner, we need to keep track of all these differences and keep accommodating users from different cultures and all walks of life.

So what did we change?

1. We have made it possible to greyscale days. Not just Saturday and Sunday, but any day of the week. You also still have the option the hide specific days of the week (for example, the days you don't work or are closed for business).

2. You can choose which clock you prefer, the 12-hour clock or the 24-hour clock (military time). Of course this feature will only appear if you have chosen an hourly or minute timeline.

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