New look & feel

We updated the look & feel of the tool. The original design we used for the tool dated back to 2007. That might seem like only six years but in 'Internet Time' that's like six decades ago. Although the original design served us really well we felt it was time for an update.

We tried to make as few changes as possible to keep the experience for our existing users as much the same as possible but we also wanted to make sure it is more in line with the current trends in the visual design of websites and web applications.

The biggest change is that we made everything a bit wider and bigger (including the font size). There is more white space in the tool. In the initial design, we tried to put as much information as possible on the screen resulting in a fairly information-dense design. In the past six years, the average computer screen size has increased significantly and we felt now was the time to take advantage of that. So paddings, margins, fonts, and white spaces have all become a bit bigger and wider, which makes the tool easier on the eyes.

We also implemented the main characteristics of the current 'flat design' trend. Meaning mainly that we eliminated a lot of visual details and gave it a cleaner and more current look and feel.

We hope you like the new design as much as we do. While working on it we once in a while looked back at the original design which very quickly started to feel really outdated. We are also happy to be able to provide you with a bigger font size which has been requested.

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