Phasing out support for Internet Explorer 6

Starting 1 January 2011 we will begin phasing out support for the browser Internet Explorer 6 (IE 6).

What are the implications of this transition?
As of January 1th, 2011 future features and any improvements made to existing features may not work with IE 6. If you are using IE 6, and you want to make sure everything works, you will need to upgrade your browser to a more recent version or, even better, install a recent version of Firefox, Chrome or Safari. All of these browsers are free and all of them will deliver a much better overall experience.

Why are we making this change?
IE 6 is a last-generation browser. This means that IE 6 can't provide the same web experience that modern browsers can. Continued support of IE 6 means that we can't optimize our interfaces or provide an enhanced customer experience in our app. We want to make sure the experience is the best it can be for the vast majority of our customers, and continuing to support IE 6 holds us back.

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