Project Planning & Web Design and Development

Every industry faces its own challenges when it comes to project planning. When you work in the web design and development trade a lot of people prefer agile project management, but we think that sooner or later you’ll need a list of aspects that need to be addressed.

Are you working in the web design and development business, check out this very useful template we have created in collaboration with to help you get started and organized. It is an extensive schedule that covers all aspects concerning the development of websites. From quote submission to content integration and marketing and SEO. It will help you keep projects on time (and hopefully on budget)! 

Because Tom's Planner lets you share schedules online and collaborate on them with a team, you have one project schedule that is always up to date, without it being a time consuming business. The ease of use of the tool will take you less time project planning and more time getting things done.

Do you have templates that help you be more productive and organized and you want to share them with others? Let us know and we will add them to our database and of course give you credit for them!

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