Changes & Alterations: sharing and merging activities.

After receiving feedback from our users we have decided to make some changes and minor feature additions to our online Gantt chart tool. Including changes to the collaboration and sharing of your project charts, the merging of periods, and additional options in the import/export of your Gantt charts.

From now on, when you are the owner of a schedule and you want to share/collaborate online with your schedule we have changed the share/collaborate button on our main toolbar. It no longer brings up the "My Schedules" section and opens a new window with all of the sharing and collaboration settings.

In addition, if you are not the owner of a schedule, the share / collaborate button will no longer appear in the top toolbar. We did this simply to avoid confusion when working on a file that has been shared with you.

We have added an export to image button to our import/export menu. Although you could get an image version of your file using our print function, this makes it a lot more accessible and more obvious that the feature is actually there, allowing people to attach images of their schedules to emails/correspondence much more easily.

Also, there is a small change in the merging of periods.  As Tom's Planner is used by more users for a large variety of tasks, we decided that it made more sense for periods to no longer merge when two colors are placed side by side. Now when you put two periods of the same color together, you can pull them apart again making allocating tasks like allocation of resources easier.

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