Some comments from users

Thanks, everyone for your enthusiasm about Tom's Planner! Here are some of the comments we received in the last few days.

'Every now and then one comes across something exciting on the web. Tom's Planner is now the project planning and development progress communication tool of choice in my company.'

'I have been a project manager for 15 years, and this is the first tool that has worked well for the way I think and work. THANK YOU!'

'Google should acquire this company and integrate this into Google Calendar. It would be A-MA-ZING!'

'Great idea Tom, there have never been any good Gantt charting programs, and we all know MS Project is no good. All my corporate bosses ever ask for is Gantt timeline charts... But it is way toooo hard to make Gantt in Excel.'

'Very impressive, the best web-based app I have seen. Certainly would give a locally installed application a run for its money.'

'I'd love a simple app that doesn't involve managing a cast of thousands, a bunch of different resources, and all the other accouterments required to manage building the space shuttle. I just want to finish the textbook I am writing.'

'GoogleMonstro, please eat this cookie now. It is very tasty.'

'And there I was saying that there are no good project planning systems.'

'At last, a Gantt chart maker I can use! Five minutes in, and I'm enchanted!'

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