Start importing from Excel & MS Project

From now on you can import files from Excel and MS Project! No need to start from scratch in Tom's Planner when you've already built your project in Excel or MS Project, just open the tool, click on the import button in the toolbar and choose were you want to import files from.

A lot of our users commented that it would really help when recommending Tom's Planner to colleagues and friends, they can save time and start using Tom's Planner straight away!

Once you need the complexity of MS Project, you can also choose to export your Tom's Planner file. This feature was already part of the feature list, but has been upgraded to make the transition even easier.

What's Next:
Of course we're not stopping here, the other features on the wish list will be coming your way in the next couple of months:
  1. Special columns like start/end date, total duration, 'drop downs' for resources and/or progress (20% of the votes).
  2. The option to create Sub-Groups in groups in the columns (11% of the votes).
  3. Filtering Feature that lets you 'show' or 'hide' elements based on colors, specific words, values etc. (8% of the votes).

We'll keep you posted on updates!

The Tom's Planner Team

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