Stress-Free Wedding Planning

These are tough economic times and people are more busy then ever before. It can be quite a challenge if on top of that you need to plan a wedding. When we read on Twitter about people planning their weddings in MS Project, we decided to come to the rescue!

We rose to the challenge, turned the Internet inside out for check lists and researched wedding planning in general. The result is a series of free Wedding Planning Schedules that will make planning a wedding a piece of cake! It tells you exactly when to do what and the added links to great resources on the Internet will save you loads of time searching for extra information.

Wedding template part 1 (first 12 months)
Wedding template part 2 (last month)
Wedding template part 3 (the wedding day)

No more Bridezillas or pre-wedding separations, brides-to-be can even decide to save money and ditch the wedding planner.

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