The results from our 'What Shall We Build Next' vote

We've said it before, Tom's Planner is made for and by project managers (from all walks of life). And so we decided to ask our users what they want us to build next. From all the wishes and requests we have received in the last couple of months we selected a top five to chose from. In the coming months we will be adding these new features to Tom's Planner in this order:

  1. Compatibility with the iPhone and iPad (39% of the votes).
  2. Import Excel and MS Project files (22% of the votes).
  3. Special columns like start/end date, total duration, 'drop downs' for resources and/or progress (20% of the votes).
  4. Create sub-groups in the columns (11% of the votes).
  5. A Filtering feature that lets you 'show' or 'hide' elements based on colors, specific words, values etc. (8% of the votes).

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