Tips - Copying and Calendar Movement

Today's blog post is here to bring you some tips on how to better get around your Gantt chart and make changes more efficiently. These tips are especially useful for those who work on their Gantt charts on a daily basis and want to work as efficiently as possible.

When viewing the Calendar you can hold down the space bar and then drag using the left mouse button on the calendar to quickly move in any direction on your chart without having to use the scroll bars on the side and bottom, this allows you to quickly move around your chart. Making it easier to check deadlines, important dates or simply what new tasks need to be done in any given day.

You can copy-paste even faster and more accurately if you press control and then drag a period with the left mouse button. It will make a copy of the selected period which you can simply drag to any location on the chart you want. If you keep control held down, you can press the left mouse button on multiple periods to select them and copy them all at once by dragging them once you have finished making your selections. Making it a lot easier to copy a period of time, say yo are scheduling a normal month in your organization and you have set up the periods for one week, you can then simply use this method to drag all the periods to the next 3 weeks to quickly have the month scheduled out, saving you time.

You can use this method to copy symbols as well as periods, or both at the same time.

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