Tom's Planner, Basecamp & 5pmweb: a comparison

On the blog CLR Virtual Connection there is an article that compares Tom's Planner, Basecamp and 5pmweb.

The writer is enthusiastic about Tom's Planner and rightfully comes to the conclusion that it is a great planner for anyone who needs to plan a project, in comparison to the other two which are more PM packages. The strength of Tom's Planner is it's simplicity, even when we add new features, we want to keep this ease of use our main focus. It is also interesting to see the creative solutions that our users come up with:

  • To create subgroups: use the first column to name the group, use the following columns to name subgroups.
  • To Attach resources to periods: color periods and link resources and colors in the legend
  • Milestones: use a designated symbol to add milestones to your schedule
  • Tasks completed: color periods green when tasks have been completed
  • Checklist: Use a column as a checklist or a list to display resources
  • For an overview: assign a period to a group, when groups are closed you can still see the phases of the project.
Link: CLR Virtual Connection (edit: page is not available anymore)

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