Tom's Planner Goes Multilingual

With a 100k users worldwide it’s time Tom's Planner goes multilingual! We are happy to announce that – in response to our users’ requests – our software is now available in three new languages: Dutch, German and French.

Apart from the obvious advantages for native speakers, this will also be a great help for international project teams, projects will run more efficiently and there will be less cause for miscommunication. 

It’s not just the website and user interface that has been translated. To include the basic stages of particular projects into our templates, we did extensive research and consulted with specialists in each field and as of now, all this useful information will also be available in these languages as well. 

So from now on Tom's Planner will be available in English, German, French, and Dutch. Spanish, Italian, and other languages like Chinese, Japanese and Russian with following later this year!

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