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Will you ask for my credit card information after I enter my email?

There’s nothing worse than a surprise charge on your credit card because you forgot to cancel your trial, right? Just enter the business email address you want to be associated with this ac­count and you’re set.

I'm ready to buy a paid plan right now. How do I do this?

Sign up for your free trial > log in > click “My Ac­count” in the top right corner > click the subscrip­tion tab > then click the upgrade button and select your plan. Easy!

Which features are included in my free trial?

All of ’em! You get full access to the Unlimited plan for 14 days. When your trial is about to end, or when you decide it’s time to subscribe to a paid account, we’ll help you decide whether the Professional or Unlimited plan is best for you and whether a Corporate account makes sense.

Do I have to worry about you selling my email or ­data?

No, your contact information and usage data will not be shared or sold. We’ll email you product and company updates, and to learn more about what you need from Tom’s Planner, but you can opt out of these emails at any time.

Can I collaborate with my team during my free trial?

Of course. Your team only needs additional free-trial accounts if they are also creating Gantt charts themselves. The only difference between your free trial and a paid account is you’ll go back to spreadsheets or whatever you were using for Gantt charts when your trial ends (unless you up­grade).

Are you compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

We are. You can learn more by viewing our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

I still have questions — can you help?

Email us at and we’d be happy to answer any ques­tions you have.

We went from a feeling of having no overview, to a feeling of being on top of things. Violet Swakman, Bord & Stift