It's this easy to create Gantt charts
in Tom's Planner

Drag and drop time blocks

Imagine using nothing but your mouse to add color-coded time blocks to your Gantt chart, and then extending, contracting, and even moving them around when you're thrown the inevitable curveball.

It’s easy to keep your schedule up to date when you’re not fussing with cells and formulas — even when things change on the fly.

We love being able to drag and drop the dates around. We work with a lot of organizations that experience delays, dragging the dates really helps us.

Get the whole team involved

Because anyone can use Tom’s Planner without training, and because inviting unlimited team members and sharing your Gantt charts are free — you’ll finally get everyone involved in project planning.

Expect more accountability across the board and fewer “what's the status on this?” emails and calls from your team.

Engineers and PMs who say they are ‘too busy’ (whatever that means) can learn it so quickly they don’t have an excuse to not see the big picture.

Track progress your way

Track progress with percentages, traffic lights, icons, coloured time blocks and more — you choose what works for you.

You won’t be blindsided by deadlines when you can see which tasks are behind schedule and which team members need a push nudge.

I was able to track details like never before. I would say our productivity doubled, and our stress was nearly eliminated. A serious game changer.

Zoom in and out of projects

In a single click, change your schedule view from monthly, to weekly, daily, hourly, all the way down to what Tom in marketing is working on at 12:25 pm.

With a dynamic overview of your project schedule, you’ll spot bottlenecks before you get a slew of angry emails, reallocate resources before anyone is on to you, and hit even more deadlines.

We went from a feeling of having no overview, to a feeling of being on top of things.
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Mr. Gantt wouldn't approve, but you can place multiple time blocks on the same row, or use Gantt charts for resource planning.

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Keep big projects up-to-date with dependencies. Click a task, select “add dependency,” and then click the task it's dependent on. Easy!

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Get up and running faster by importing your project schedules and Gantt charts from Excel, MS Project, Trello, and Basecamp.

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It's okay to cheat a little, right? Choose from templates based on 530,000+ people's Gantt charts, then make it your own in minutes.

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Filter your Gantt chart by resource, activity, team, icon, dates, or any combination to instantly find the smallest of details in the largest of charts.

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Share your chart with anyone by printing it, emailing an image, embedding it almost anywhere, or sending a custom link.

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