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Understanding Gantt Charts and ChatGPT for Project Planning: The Video Transcript

Hi there, we've got something really exciting to show you. So we integrated Tom's Planner with ChatGPT and the results are almost, I guess, magical. Let me show you. As of today when you want to start a new project, you can begin by entering a description of your project here.

So let's say we want to build a house. We entered the description and then click the continue button, as easy as that. Then you let the AI do its magic. This usually takes less than a minute. There you go, a complete list of all the phases and activities in the project from start to finish. Everything is here. If you've already worked with ChatGPT, you probably already know, it's an iterative process. Usually the first result need some extra work. We've made sure you can do that in Tom's Planner as well. You can use the right click menu to do this here. Let me show you.

For instance here this activity. Let's expand it into its own new group. And now I want this group to focus more on sustainability. So I choose this option in the menu over here. And enter some instructions for the AI over here. And voila it included the suggestions in the plan.

If you're wondering if anything is still missing in your project, you can ask the AI to make five more suggestions for you. There you go. And you can keep what you like and remove what doesn't apply. Or if you already know something is still missing, you can add it yourself and ask the AI to fill in the details for you. There you go. We've tested this with lots of different project types and the results seem almost magical to us. And we are super excited that we've been able to combine it with Tom's Planner this well.

Hey, we invite everyone to give it a try. You can play around with it yourself for free and without the need to sign up for an account or anything. We hope you'll be as surprised by it as we have been during the past few weeks while building and testing this and we'd love to hear about what kinds of things you've been able to do with it.