Video Tutorial: Learn to Build a Gantt Chart from Scratch!

Become a Gantt Chart PRO

Step-by-Step Video Guide to Setting up a Gantt Chart

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Hi, welcome to Tom's Planner. To get you started let's set up a Gantt chart for a project. A Gantt chart is created in four steps. For this tutorial, let's say we're a company that wants to build a website.

Step one, first list all the activities involved in the project. Just use the lines provided. If needed, you can easily add a new line using the right click menu.

Step two, now we can put all activities in the correct order and divide them into groups. It's easy to create a new group, again, just using the right click menu. You can always remove empty lines and groups. Bye bye.

Step three, next we'll schedule all the activities. Let's start with the kick off. This will be a meeting, so I'll use a suitable icon. You can pick any icon you want. For now, I like this one. We'll schedule some time for 'defining the site goal' 'brainstorming', 'writing texts' and 'collecting photos'. And let's make sure it's all done by the end of the week. All right, we'll probably need just a week for graphic design. And let's plan a week for web development, too. Just like this. We can even give web development a different color so this is extra clear for the development team. Great.

Then we'll need some time for testing and bug fixing before we can get approval and launch the website. This of course will be a festive occasion, so let's place a glass of champagne here. Cheers! So that's the third step. Now we already have a nice looking Gantt chart.

The fourth step is putting the finishing touches to the chart. As you can see here, we have a legend listing the colors and icons that we've used. Let's label them properly. And let's fill in the details of the project. Since there's no specific date, we'll remove this line. Adios! You can even add your own logo here. How cool is that?

OK, then to finish it all off we can add resources here so we know who does what at our company. Once the project starts, this is where we can track the status of each activity. And you can always change a color or adjust your planning if needed. So now you know how to set up a project in a neat Gantt chart.

We're excited to have you and hope you enjoy Tom's Planner.