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Event Planning Gantt Chart

Plan your conference using a Gantt Chart with the most intuitive tool for free task management out there, Tom’s Planner. Making your Gantt chart in Excel is a thing of the past: why not try our efficient and easy-to-use chart program instead? Tom’s Planner allows you to schedule tasks, create Gantt charts and use project management templates, all with just a few simple clicks. Check out our Gantt chart example for event planning and discover how easy it is to make an event go smoothly.

From researching venues and advertising to confirming attendance, Tom's Planner lets you keep track of all aspsects

Event Planning Made Easy

Event planning is all about being organized and keeping track of an entire array of variables. That’s why our Gantt chart template for conference planning lets you use different time scales for different stages: days when planning ahead and units as small as 2.5 minutes for the daily schedule as the event is happening. This way you won’t get lost in the small details at the beginning, but you can easily keep track of them when it’s needed.

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Gantt chart template for conference planning: keep track of everything

All the major stages and sub-stages found in event planning pre-set and grouped for your convenience: Initialize, Venue/Speakers/Sponsors, Communication material, Staff & Equipment, Delegates and Planning. Though our conference planning Gantt chart was created by professionals in the domain, stages, sub-stages and tasks can be edited with great ease. This allows you to customize the template to your exact needs, whether the event is an upscale doctors’ convention or your little brother’s birthday party. Planning your conference using a Gantt chart has never been easier.

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Keep everyone informed

Last minute changes can and do occur: that’s why we made sure that Tom’s Planner runs perfectly on mobile applications like iPad and iPhone, so on-the-fly changes to the schedule are not a problem. Whether it’s publishing the schedule online, exporting it to the desired format or inviting others to collaborate on it, our conference planning Gantt chart can be as interactive as it gets. Hotshot doctor and main speaker at convention caught up in emergency, boring seminar in room 24 instead? With Tom’s Planner everyone can see the good news in real time. Try it today.

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