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Resource Planning Made Easy

Looking for an easy-to-use resource planning tool to create simpler schedules? Tom’s Planner is a free task management software. Tom’s Planner is specifically built for planning projects but our users tell us that they also use it for scheduling resources. Restaurants use it to schedule shifts, car rental companies and vacation home rental firms track their bookings with it and some schools even apply it to their classrooms. You cannot schedule resources in relation to other project schedules in your account but as a standalone scheduler it’s a neat tool to use.

On-the-fly changes are easy. So John will directly see that he has to fill in for Jill (again).

A Versatile Online Resource Scheduler

In case of fewer resources, you can insert and group activities on the left side column, while each different color box on the right side of the Gantt chart can represent a different resource. If there are more resources than activities, however, doing it the other way around is simpler: just insert the task into the desired period of the schedule, drag it out to the desired length and add some icons or comments for good measure. It could not be easier.

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Intuitive project resource management

Our resource planning tool is just as simple to use a Gantt chart made in Excel, but its intuitive features make it much easier to create schedule templates. Adding comments, icons or labels to provide extra information is done in seconds with a simple right-click. Different time scales (from months to minutes) provide extra versatility, while the duration special column is a great way to see total amount of time per resource/activity. A truly easy to use chart program for scheduling resources online.

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Share your schedule template - keep everyone informed

No matter the area, keeping key people in the loop about your schedule is important. Flexible and ever-changing shifts in a thriving little business? Not a problem: Tom’s Planner runs perfectly on iPad and iPhone, allowing you to publish, share and collaborate on your schedule online so that everyone knows what they’re supposed to do and on-the-fly changes are easy. So John will directly see that he has to fill in for Jill (again). Tom’s Planner’s project resource management templates mean that the good news will find you wherever you are. Try it today.

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