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Online Wedding Planning Templates

A wedding is definitely among the most important events in a person’s life. Make sure it runs smoothly with the easy-to-use online wedding planner provided by Tom’s Planner. Whether you’re a bride, a groom or a professional wedding planner, our chart program’s specialized project management templates will enable you to keep it all under control, allowing you to focus on enjoying this special time. Forget making your Gantt chart in Excel, try our modern solution instead.

Spend more time enjoying the process and all the exciting events associated with one of the most special occasions of your life

An Online Wedding Planner

A vast amount of research went into developing our wedding planning templates: from articles and to-do-lists to case studies and personal experiences, we made sure to include as much as possible to make your life easier. Three specialized steps make things even easier: the year leading up to the event can be planned per week, the final two months – per day, while the big day itself can be scheduled right down to the last minute. All this and much more is possible with our wedding planning software.

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Save time with our wedding planner software

Tom’s Planner is great at event planning, and if we’re honest, a wedding is probably the biggest one of them all. Our Gantt charts let you organize everything right down to the annoying details, so you won’t forget to order the cake and book the DJ in time. As the ultimate tool for free task management in wedding planning, Tom’s Planner takes the hassle out of the process so you can worry about the rest.

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Share and keep everyone informed with our advanced wedding organizer

Whether you’re a bride that wants to keep the parents in the loop or a professional wedding planner with an extra picky couple to deal with, our wedding planning software is perfect for the job. Why? Because Tom’s Planner runs like a dream on iPad and iPhone, allowing you to share your Gantt chart schedule with everyone involved, plan resources, make on-the-fly changes as things happen, and even collaborate online. Try Tom’s Planner’s today to see how effortless the planning process can really be.

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