AI powered Gantt charts. Welcome to the future of project planning.

Tom's Planner is proud to be at the forefront of this exciting revolution by creating the first Gantt chart generator powered by ChatGPT by Open AI. We believe this innovation will set a new standard for project management tools, offering a glimpse into the future of project management.

By entering a description of your project in just a few sentences, Tom's Planner will create a detailed project plan within a minute. Then we offer many options to expand, personalize and further tweak the Gantt chart.

When creating the project plan, you can: choose a language, choose between a compact and a detailed project plan and select start & end dates and the project duration. When the Gantt chart has been generated, it is possible to instruct the AI assistant to suggest additional activities, ask for variations on generated phases, and much more. With the help of ChatGPT, the pm will get more insight into projects that might previously have been out of their comfort zone.

When we, here at Tom's Planner, first tried out this new AI feature, it gave us such a magical feeling, like almost anything is achievable now. Do you want to fly to Mars, win the lottery, or invent a time machine? We now have a project plan for each one of them. The only thing left to do is execute!

For less lofty goals and a more practical use like building a house, launching a website, or writing an investigative piece of journalism, Tom's Planner will generate detailed, to-the-point, and complete project plans too.

Please give it a try yourself! You don't have to sign up for an account or anything. Click here and experience the magic of AI-powered project planning for yourself. Want to know more? Check out this two-minute video about the tool.

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