Gantt Charts on your iPad & iPhone

A few months ago, we decided to poll our users on what they wanted us to build next and we have been working hard to grant the first two of these wishes!

iPhone and iPad Compatibility.
Tom's Planner is now compatible with the iPad and iPhone (got 39% of the votes!). No app is required, just open Tom's Planner in your mobile browser, and you're good to go! The look and feel is exactly as in a normal browser, there is just one thing you need to know when working with Tom's Planner on your mobile browser:

Now you can adjust schedules when you're on the move, so your project plans are always up to date. You'll have insight into your projects on-site and in meetings and can share progress with clients. And in combination with the collaboration feature, you no longer risk multiple versions of the project schedule circulating in your team!

Tip: create an icon of your Tom's Planner project plans by favoriting them in your mobile browser to go directly to your schedules when you need to check them.

Android users need to have a bit more patience, but we haven't forgotten about you.

The iPad & iPhone compatibility is available for all Tom's Planner accounts (including the free account).

New Import Features
From now on, you can import files from Excel and MS Project! No need to start from scratch in Tom's Planner when you've already built your project in Excel or MS Project. Just open the tool, click on the import button in the toolbar and choose where you want to import files from.

A total of 22% of our users wanted us to build this feature. Many of them commented that it would really help when recommending Tom's Planner to colleagues and friends. They can save time and start using Tom's Planner straight away!

What's Next
Of course, we're not stopping here. The other features on the wish list will be coming your way in the next couple of months:

  1. Special columns like start/end date, total duration, 'drop downs' for resources, and/or progress (20% of the votes).
  2. The option to create Sub-Groups in groups in the columns (11% of the votes).
  3. Filtering Feature that lets you 'show' or 'hide' elements based on colors, specific words, values etc. (8% of the votes).

We'll keep you posted on updates!

The Tom's Planner Team

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