New Feature: as of today, filters are included in the url and bookmarks of your chart.

As of today, when you have a filter turned on for your Gantt chart, it is included in the URL of Gantt chart as well:

This means that you can bookmark your Gantt Chart with a filter turned on. So, when you click on the bookmark, it will open the Gantt chart and immediately apply the filter to it.

You can use this, for instance, to have a bookmark that shows you only today's task. Resulting in a daily To Do list. Or you could filter all unfinished tasks in a project so that you have a To Do list for the whole project.

Or, for example, when you have a chart that schedules the work for a 3-person team consisting of John, Mary, and Lisa, then you could bookmark each person separately. So you first filter on the name John and then bookmark the chart then you do the same for Mary and Lisa. The three bookmarks will allow you to easily switch between the different persons in the chart to check their occupancy. Like this:

We are pretty happy with this new feature. It doesn't add any complexity to the app, but it will make things much easier for some of our users. 

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