Code update and hiding your legend

We just updated Tom’s Planner. The changes are mainly under the hood. We fixed some small bugs and made quite a few changes leading up to the ability to choose custom colors in Tom’s Planner for your time blocks and group headers.

You won’t be able to pick custom colors yet but the foundation has been laid. We will enable this later this year. 

We also added a little button to the legend allowing you to hide it with just one click. 



We get to see many Gantt charts when providing support to our users and we noticed that not everybody is using the legend at the bottom of the tool. An unused legend looks kinda ugly and takes up quite some screen space. So it makes sense to hide it when you are not using it. You can hide the legend through the right-click menu, but not many users seem to know this. So we thought we better make it just a little bit easier to hide the legend when you are not using it. Hence the new little button in the legend.

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