Import Basecamp projects, Trello boards and or Google Calendars

As of today, you will be able to import Basecamp projects, Trello boards and or Google Calendars into Tom's Planner and turn them online into Gantt charts. This allows you to get a head start when you already defined parts of your project in one of these platforms.

As usual, we tried to make it as easy as possible. We got it down to four mouse clicks to be precise:

  1. Start by clicking the import/export button in the top toolbar. 
  2. Then click one of the import buttons in the left column of the import/export panel. 
  3. You will be asked to log in with your own Trello, Google or Basecamp account so we can access your data. The login will take place on the website of Basecamp, Trello to Google itself so your password will not be known to us. 
  4. After logging in you will be able to select which project, board or calendar you would like to import. That's it.
There are two 'good to knows':

Tip 1: Duration in Trello cards:
When you import a board from Trello each card will be a row in the Tom's Planner Chart. The 'due date' of the Trello card will determine the end date of the activity in the Tom's Planner chart.

By adding duration information to the description field of the Trello card you can set the duration (and start date) of the activity in the Gantt chart.

How to create a Trello Gantt chart in 4 mouse clicks

If the description of the card contains something like this: 'duration:5d' or this: 'duration:3.5h' the duration of the activity will be set to 5 days or 3.5 hours.

Tip 2: Links to Basecamp, Trello or Google
In the column on the right, you will find icons of Basecamp, Trello, or Google that will link back to the page of Basecamp, Trello, or Google where you can find the corresponding activity.

It's not possible to export charts or send updates back to Basecamp, Trello, or Google Calendar yet.

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