New: style the texts in your chart

As of today, you can change the styling of the text fields in the left part of the chart. You can make the texts bold or italic. You can strikethrough texts and you can change the color of either the text itself or the background of the text. And, as always in Tom's Planner, you can use the right-click menu to access the functionalities:

You might wonder why we added these new options to Tom's Planner?

We have always wanted to make something that was so easy to use that it would feel like you could simply and quickly 'draw' up a chart in a couple of minutes. We think that the most important word in that statement is the word 'draw'. So, in making choices on what to include and what to not include in our software we try to think of it as a drawing program instead of the gigantic monolithic piles of features that our competitors often have managed to build (yes, I am looking at you MS-project :-).

So in line with the concept of a 'drawing program' for Gantt charts it seemed to make a lot of sense to add some more abilities to further style your chart, in this case, we wanted to enable you to style the text fields.

You can use these new options to among others mark, highlight, or emphasize activities. Maybe the color green means these activities are ready to go, an activity where the text has been stricken through might mean that it's not required anymore or a row with bold texts means it's more important than others. It's all up to you.

It makes Tom's Planner more flexible and versatile. We also made it possible to filter on the colors that you use. So if you use a red background color to mark activities that are critical you can easily filter on the red color and get a list of all critical activities in one simple list.

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