Tom's Planner on your Desktop

Wouldn't it be handy to have a direct link to Tom's Planner on your desktop? One of our users tweeted about using Prism to do just this.

NOTE: This article is outdated. Prism is not available anymore.
We checked it out and are very enthusiastic because of  its ease of use (yes, that's very important to us :-). We tested Prism and Fluid and found that Prism works best for PC users and Fluid is a great tool  for Mac users. We want to share these two great tools with you that will help you be even more productive! How to install Prism  Step 1. There are two ways to use Prism; A Firefox extension or a standalone application. Either way, you can easily turn any website into a Prism application:

Step 2. Let's follow the route to download the standalone application:

1. Extract the files

2. Open the folder

3. Double-click the Prism Icon. Step 3. Fill in Tom's Planner URL to go directly to the website or '' to go directly to the tool. TIP: use Prism to link directly to your bookmarked projects! That will help you be more productive. Use the bookmark-link that you will find in the 'My Schedules' settings menu and copy/paste it into this prism window and name your project.

Click OK and the shortcut will appear on your desktop! That's all!

How to install Fluid  On the Fluid website we found this great instruction video that will tell you the steps to install Fluid in your computer.

Fluid from Todd Ditchendorf on Vimeo.

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