Tom's Planners Dissertation Wizard

The new school year is about to start, and a lot of students are dreading the project of writing their dissertations. With help from Roy Horn, the expert in the field of dissertations, we have created a series of blog posts that will really help every student tackle this hurdle without getting lost in the work that is before them!

Of course, there are lots of books and blogs about writing dissertations, the trouble is that it is such a large task that students often don't know where to start. What makes this series unique is the very extensive project template that Roy has created and which will give students a great head start and will help save time and lots of energy. In every post, Roy focuses on the part of this template and explains the steps that need to be taken.

For students who want to start using this handy Tom's Planner dissertation schedule, we have created a blank version so you can schedule your own time!

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