Tom's Planner available for Android

As of today, Tom’s Planner is available for Android tablets and phones. The Android version of Tom’s Planner is not a dumbed-down version of the tool. It’s the full experience. You get exactly the same Gantt chart functionalities as you would on any laptop or desktop computer.

Just open the Google Chrome browser on the Android device, visit and you are good to go. There is no need to download and install a separate app. 

Now Tom’s Planner can be used anywhere, anytime:
  • In a meeting and need to make some changes to a project plan? No problem, just pull out your tablet. 
  • On the road and want to check the project status? Just pull out your phone. 
  • Organizing a big event and need to keep everyone on the ground in the loop? Just make sure they all have a smartphone in their pocket.
Our users eagerly wanted Android compatibility. How do we know? Well, we just asked Google:

Some more details worth mentioning: 
  • Tom’s Planner is also compatible with the iPad and iPhone so Tom’s Planner is now available on 95% of all modern smartphones and tablets.  
  • For Tom’s Planner to work on an Android device you need Android version 4 or up, the (free) Google Chrome browser and a working internet connection.
  • Last month we had more than 5000 of our users using the iPad/iPhone version. Since there are almost 8 times more Android devices out there than iOs devices we expect a big jump in mobile use of Tom’s Planner in the next few months.
  • Tom’s Planner being compatible with Android means that our other product Ganttify is also available on Android as of today.

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