New: add comments to the text fields on the left side of your chart

We have a new feature that allows you to add comments to text cells on the left side of a chart.

To add a comment, simply right-click on the text cell and choose the 'add comment' option in the right-click menu that appears. The text cell will then show a small red triangle in the top right corner, indicating that it has a comment. To open the comment, simply click on the red triangle or hover your mouse over the text cell. The comments work like sticky notes, allowing you to enter as much text as you need to provide detailed information about the task, resource or project.

This new feature makes it easy to add more information to Gantt charts. For instance, if the text cell is for an activity in a project, the comment can be used to add a long-form description of the task. This allows you to provide more context and detail about the project, making it easier for team members and stakeholders to understand the scope and requirements of the task. Additionally, suppose you are managing rental equipment. In that case, you can add detailed information about the specific equipment in a comment to one of the text cells in the row of each piece of equipment.

Another great advantage of this new feature is that links within the comments are clickable, allowing you to access additional information and resources easily whether you need to share a document, a link to a website, or a page on your intranet.

The new feature makes it easier than ever before to add more information to Gantt charts. This ensures a much more information-rich experience, improving the way project managers can inform all other project team members and keep them in the loop.

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