Tips and Additions for Filtering your Gantt Chart

Today we wanted to talk about our new additions to the filtering feature to help with your project planning, with tips on how to use them to help organize your Gantt chart better.

You can now filter by using the legend. You can right-click on the period colors and symbols in your legend and press "only show" to just show that specific color or symbol.

When filtering using text, it will now include text in the labels and comments of your periods. So if you have several periods with a certain comment in them 

you can now search for the text in that comment to show them only.

We have also included the ability to filter your chart by traffic lights. If you use the special column "traffic lights" in your Gantt chart, you can now filter by each of the colors of the lights. This will allow you to quickly see your completed tasks, tasks on hold, and tasks not yet started in your chart.

When attempting to export, your filters will now stay applied to the chart. This will allow you to easily take out certain bits of information from your Gantt chart. This also has the added functionality that when printing, it will keep your filter. So printing the tasks of each individual employee or resource is now a lot easier!

The ability to enter a custom date range has been added to the filtering feature. This will allow you to filter by specific date ranges. To do this, we have added a "from/to" button to the filtering area. When you click on it, you will then get a new section at the bottom of the Filter area where you can select the desired dates.

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