Hide or highlight (vacation) days

As of today, you can hide/exclude days from your chart, or you can give specific date (ranges) a different background color. Excluding days from a chart is helpful for, for instance, vacation days, national holidays, or some company-specific days when people will not be available for your project. By giving specific dates a different background color, you can give them a particular meaning. For instance, you can use a red color to highlight a deadline, or maybe with a blue color, you can mark a certain period with a different availability status than the rest of the timeline. You can find this new functionality in the timeline setting panel. You can open this panel by clicking the 'settings' button in the top toolbar or right-click on the timeline and choose the 'timeline settings' option in the menu.

Each line in the settings allows you to set a start and end date, indicate if it needs to be repeated annually, and you can select if the specific date (range) needs to be hidden or colored. When you choose the color option, a little square at the end of the line will appear that you can click on to change the color itself.

You can add rows by clicking the 'add new date' link, and you can remove each line by clicking the X that appears at the end of the line when you hover over it.

When you apply the new settings, you might be asked if you want to adjust the start or end dates in your chart. Why does that matter? Say, for instance, you have an activity that starts on the 20th of December, takes eight days, and ends on the 28th of December. Now you have decided to exclude the 25th and 26th of December because it will be a Christmas holiday. Those two days are right in the middle of the planned activity. Now the question is, is the 28th a deadline, and should the activity start two days earlier? Or is the start date fixed and should the activity end two days later? Tom's Planner allows you to choose between those two scenarios and will adjust the chart accordingly.          

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