Import your Google Calendar into Tom's Planner in 60sec

You might have started your project by organizing your thoughts and dates in Google Calendar but are now ready for a more serious project schedule. There is a very easy way to import your Google Calendar dates into Tom's Planner! It will save you a lot of time and give you a head start on your project! Imagine the surprise on your boss's face, when you show him/her this professional project schedule within minutes (or...take the day off and show it to him tomorrow :-)

The information in this blog post is now out of date, you can now directly import your Google Calendars even quicker into Tom's Planner.

Simply log in to Tom's Planner, press on the Import & Export button on the top bar and press on "Google Calendar" under the Import section.

Outdated see above!

- Open (free open source)
- Login
- Grant access to your Google Calendar
- Choose which calendar to use
- Select start and end date
- Click sumbit
- Select .xls
- open file in Excel
- Select and copy, title, start & end dates
- Open the Tom's Planner tool
- Click on import/export button in the toolbar
- Select import from Excel
- Paste data in the popup window
- Select 'create a new schedule'
- check the box 'use first row as header'
- click 'Import'
- You're Done!

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