No more pop-ups and easier bookmarking!

Up until today, when you clicked the login button on the home page, the tool would open in a seperate pop-up window. We have changed that. From now on, when you click the log-in button, a new page will be loaded containing the tool. This is much more like you would expect it to work and allows you to much easier boomark your Gantt charts.

The reason that the tool used to open in a pop-up window dates back to 2007 when we started work on Tom’s Planner. Back then there was no way we could avoid users from loosing their last work when they clicked on the back button of the browser. They would simply be redirected to the previous page and loose their last work. 

Pop-ups don’t have back buttons. So we loaded the tool in a pop-up window. Problem solved.

Now, in 2016, modern browsers allow us to ask you, the user, if you are sure you want to leave the tool when you have unsaved changes and click on the back button or a bookmark for instance. So there is no need for popup windows anymore.

Nice advantage is that from now on you can musch easier bookmark your charts. Each chart has an unique address. So to bookmark a chart just open it in the tool and bookmark the address in the address bar.


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