Our founder, Tom Ummels, on the 'PM for the Masses' podcast

Our founder, Tom Ummels, recently joined Cesar Abeid on the 'PM for the Masses' podcast to delve into the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and project management, highlighting the AI-assist feature in Tom's Planner.

Tom emphasized how AI is reshaping our work as project managers by automating routine tasks and helping us break things up into manageable chunks. Tom predicts that AI won't replace project managers any time soon, but it will enhance our productivity and efficiency by quite a bit. 

The highlight of the conversation was the new AI-assist feature of Tom's Planner. The AI-assist enables users to create complete Gantt charts based on only a project description. In essence, this feature works as a digital project management assistant, capable of turning words into visual timelines. This makes for a much more efficient and effective planning process. Tom also reaffirmed our commitment to ease of use and the intuitive and seamless nature of Tom's Planner. 

Tune in to the full 'PM for the Masses' podcast episode to gain deeper insights into how AI is revolutionizing project management and the ways Tom's Planner is staying ahead of the curve. 

You can find the episode over here: https://pmforthemasses.com/144

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