Turn your Google Calendars into a Gantt chart with just a few mouse clicks.

Want to turn one of your Google Calendars into a beautiful and super easy to use Gantt chart? You can with Tom's Planner. You always could as a matter of fact. But Google is making integrating with Google Calendar a lot harder these days due to the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

We applaud Google for doing this, tightening the security. For all the users of Google Calendars, this is really good news. Your calendars contain lots of personal and private information and Google is doing a good job protecting it.

But it makes our job, as software developers, a lot harder to be honest. And so we are seeing quite a few of our competitors dropping their integrations with Google Calendar. Understandably so, but not us. You always could import Google Calendars and you always will be able to do so.

We have changed things a bit though. But it's still easy as pie.

This is a step by step guide:

First, export your Google calendars at https://calendar.google.com/calendar/r/settings/export. A file will be downloaded to your computer with your calendars in it. The name of the file will start with your-google-email-address and end with ‘.ical.zip’.

Now go back to Tom’s Planner and click on the import/export button in the top toolbar:

And then click on the ‘Google Calendar’ import button on the left and choose the zip file you just got from Google:

In the next two steps, you will be asked for a date range and which of your calendars you want to be imported. Just follow the instructions and you will have your Gantt chart in a few mouse-clicks.

Note: if you don’t want to upload the Google file with all your calendars in it to Tom’s Planner due to privacy concerns, that’s no problem. You can unzip the zip file from Google on your own computer and then only import the file of that one specific Google Calendar you would like to import. This will work as well.

Also Note: For recurring events, only the first instance will be included in the chart. Recurring events are not supported in Tom’s Planner (yet).

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