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Online Rental Planner

Looking for an easy-to-use online vacation rental planner? Want to keep track of your booked accommodations with an intuitive chart program? Tom’s Planner is a great way to do it. Although our software was mainly developed for project planning, our users tell us that it also works well in this area. Our project management templates can be used effectively for scheduling accommodations with the ease of a Gantt chart made in Excel, but offering lots of specialized features.

Events such as cleaning, inspections, handing over the key etc. can be marked with a variety of neat icons.

Ease Of Use

Our vacation rental templates can be very handy in the scheduling process. A different row can be designated to each house/bungalow/apartment, while the colored boxes on the right side can represent the booked time blocks. You can insert these into the vacation rental schedule, then edit and drag them to the desired date, while different events such as cleaning, inspections, handing over the key etc. can be marked with a variety of neat icons. And since all this is done with just a few clicks, updating the schedule takes seconds, even after an arrival of a busload of tourists.

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Clear overview

Use our vacation rental planner to get a clear and flexible overview of your accommodations. Group your properties on the left side and give each of them a different color, or add a special column to see for example the total number of booked days per accommodation or in total. Additional information on renters can be added to the vacation rental schedule with a simple right-click of your mouse. This way your staff will know that the cranky vegetarian in Bungalow 4 cannot stand olives on his salad. Conflict avoided.

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Share your vacation rentals template - keep everyone informed

Keeping key people informed is important. With Tom’s Planner employees can be up to date on everything from cleaning dates to arrivals, as our vacation rental planner works perfectly on mobile applications such as iPad or iPhone. Sharing and collaborating online or even embedding the schedule on a web page for clients to see is also not a problem, meaning that on-the-fly changes will be visible to everyone that counts. Massive walk-in, emergency cleaning needed? With Tom’s Planner the good news always reaches the right people (this time the cleaning staff). Try it today.

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