Custom colors

We have a new feature for you. Custom colors. As of yesterday, you can choose any color you like for the time blocks in the grid and the headers of the groups.

To be really honest, we were a bit hesitant to add this feature to the tool. Do you happen to remember myspace and geocities? That's what we were afraid of. It's really hard to choose a good-looking well-balanced color scheme. And with a custom color-picker you can do all kinds of wrong.

But it also makes complete sense that users want to add their own styling to their charts, and make it comply with their style guide. So since so many people were asking for it, we decided to add it to the tool. So enjoy! Just... be careful and use it responsibly ;-)

If you want some inspiration for new color combinations, we can recommend this website If you want to know which colors are used in your logo, just upload it here:

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